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The gateway through our cities and neighborhoods, our transportation network is an essential element to well-defined communities.  The roadway must be designed and, in many cases, reconstructed to provide safe, functional and effective passage for commuters, bicyclists, pedestrians to meet the needs of the government agencies.

Our engineers who have countless years of experience in roadway design of all scopes and complexities; from planning to alignment studies, design, to receiving all jurisdictional approvals to preparing contract documents for construction to completion we remain focused on the budgetary and operational goals of our clients.  Regularly, we offer alternatives to both design and material selection to balance project costs with other factors such as right of way concerns, property impacts and acquisition as well as ever changing environmental regulations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Planning/Innovative Approaches
  • Design
  • Surveying/Right-of-Way
  • Bicycle Lanes/Pedestrian Safety
  • Construction Management/Inspection