2020 Media

July 10, 2020

BANC3 Engineering offers an innovative technology solution, Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality (AR/MR) X2 smart glasses, that provides unprecedented efficiencies while delivering compelling customer experiences - during these challenging times of the current and post COVID-19 pandemic. The glasses allow the user to communicate directly with others in varying locations, sharing their visual viewpoint with live annotations, documents, and verbal and graphical instruction. It allows communication on a whole new level in terms of quality and without the expense or exposure of travel. BANC3 recently performed a virtual walk-through of our project in New York City for the General Services Administration (GSA). The participants in the virtual walk-through were spread throughout the region, but each were afforded a detailed inspection of the project site through the X2 glasses and the MR Workspace suite of applications. The entire team, from each of their locations, shared their voices and their vision on the project's progress through the technology interface including screen-shots of the video with annotation and digital feed. This reduces cost by allowing more efficient use of resources, eliminating unnecessary travel, and increasing transparency with stakeholders, while improving Project Management and enhancing e-Construction. All session data is recorded and archived on the cloud. In this way, if there is any claim down the road, the info can be easily retrieved for future reference. 

• The investment in the X2 AR/MR smart glasses is recovered within 1 to 2 trips due to the cost savings of reduced expert time and travel costs to train a field engineer, not to mention the current social distancing and other "new normal" requirements. 

• More benefits will follow – Overlaying 3D Drawings, Distance Training, Enhanced Work Safety, Asset Management, Construction Inspection, Assessments, and Generating Instant CAD drawings, among many more. 

The benefits of X2 AR/MR smart glasses were presented for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) at Turner Fairbanks Highway Research facility in Washington and were acknowledged for their capabilities in enhancing work processes in the A/E/C industry. In addition, the X2 glasses have an Open Architecture Platform to use with applications instantly such as AutoCAD, Bentley, BIM, and others. BANC3 Engineering will be glad to assist your firm to be familiar with and deploy this game-changing digital AR/MR solution, presenting a whole new world of possibilities for the A/E/C industry by increasing quality, enhancing safety, and higher profitability.

April 16, 2020

The BANC3 Engineering team is currently contributing to the overall Analysis of Alternatives and the Conceptual Design Report for a new building or significant addition, as well as campus-wide utility upgrades, for a confidential Federal client. The client is embarking on a new strategic phase for their campus, preparing it for decades to come. Our design team ensures that each option is studied and presented before the client makes their final campus design decisions. Our assessment and studies, along with those of our architectural partner, will provide the basis for the final design, which will progress in the near future. We look forward to helping them achieve their vision!